Beit Ben-Yehuda

Guest house and international meeting place

The Beit Ben Yehuda (BBY) is also home to the ASF-Israel headquarters. At this branch between ASF, volunteers, locals and international visitors, two ASF volunteers do their service. They take care of the groups at BBY and support the operation of the guest house.


In 1922, Eliezer Ben-Yehuda started building a house in the new Jerusalem neighborhood of Talpiot, located on the road to Bethlehem.

Eliezer Ben-Yehuda was a journalist and author of the first modern Hebrew dictionary. On his initiative, Hebrew became an official language in 1922, along with English and Arabic, in what was then the British Mandate of Palestine. In Israel, Ben-Yehuda is considered the father of the modern Hebrew language (Ivrit).

The history of ASF in Israel began around 40 years later. Today, the house of the reviver of the Hebrew language is home to the headquarters of ASF as well as the office of the meeting place, which was newly built in 2004. Since then, seminars and events with international or local groups have been held there. At the same time, it also serves as a guest house for tourists, pilgrims and other visitors.

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(links) heutiges Schild am alten Gebäude, (rechts) Eliezer Ben-Yehuda in seinem Arbeitszimmer

The Guest House

Gästehaus und Garten
Gästehaus - Vorderansicht
großer Seminarraum
Gästehaus - Rückansicht

Next to the historic building, there is a modern guest house with an attractive infrastructure for educational stays in Jerusalem.

  • Ten guest rooms with a total of up to 48 beds
  • A seminar room for up to 15 people
  • A seminar room for up to 20people
  • A dining and conference room for up to 50 people
  • Garden, porch and balcony facilities
  • Whiteboard, beamer and audio system for presentations and seminars
  • Free WIFI in the whole building
  • at wish: breakfast, half and full board by catering
  • modern kitchen for self-catering

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Our offers

The Beit Ben-Yehuda offers a wide range of encounters, excursions and educational programs.

All offers can be customized according to your interests!

Gespräch mit der Zeitzeugin Tamar Landau


ASF-Freiwillige 2023 bei der Pride Parade in Jersalem


Evangelische Auguste Viktoria Kirche auf dem Ölberg in Jerusalem


ASF-Freiwilliger Johann zu Besuch bei Georg Heidberger


Dialoge Programm 2019 zu Besuch im Palestinian Nonviolence Center


Facing history – Dealing with the Holocaust today

Delve into the history and the lasting impact of the Holocaust on Israelis through encounters with survivors and their children. Participate in guided tours to explore Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Remembrance Center. Meet people who work with Holocaust survivors in Israel such as young German volunteers of ASF and providers of mental health and social support services and hear about their daily work.

Israel – Land of diversity

Explore the fascinating melting pot of modern Israeli society. Meet new immigrants and see the work of absorption centers first-hand, encounter different cultural groups in Israel, visit projects supporting Jewish-Arab coexistence and social inclusion and speak with LGBT activists. We offer exchanges, encounters and tours that leave enough space for discussion, debriefing and reflection.


A house for all believers – Jerusalem and its religions

Meet local people of different faiths and explore the special meaning of Jerusalem for Judaism, Christianity and Islam.              Visit holy places and houses of prayer, take part in rituals and services and join a traditional Shabbat dinner.                        Through encounters with faith-based activists and organizations, discover the contribution that religion can provide to coexistence and peace.

All Beginnings Were Difficult – German-Israeli Relations

Talks with pioneers and bridge-builders of German-Israeli relations; get to know Israelis who lived and worked in Germany; meet German-speaking immigrants  in Israel; visit German-speaking church congregations, cultural and educational institutions.

Longing for Jerusalem – the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Through guided tours and exchanges, you will get to know Israel’s Zionist self-perception, explore the significance of Jerusalem for various groups and religions and hear about their own narratives on the complex situation today.                                                  Join intercultural tours through the Old City, focusing on social, political and religious issues. Take part in informative walks in East and West Jerusalem, where you will meet local people and hear about their personal connections to Jerusalem.                    Discuss with representatives of different political and religious movements about the role of Jerusalem in the Israel-Palestine conflict.

BBY-Manager and Representative of ASRP

Judith Kuhne

(German, English, Hebrew)

Operation Coordinator

Anett Daffan


(German, English, Hebrew, French, Norwegian, Basic Turkish, Basic Arabic)

Facility Manager

Azmi Rabieh

Working in BBY since 2011 he is the heart and soul of the house.

(Arabic, Hebrew, English)


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